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Write An Electronic Resume - 2

Write your Name First and then write your Contact Info on a Separate Line.

Make Good use of the White Space -- Leave ample space between each section for the computer to pick up that one section has ended and that another has started.

Write using Proper Language -- Use common words that everyone will understand.

A Three to Four Page Resume is Acceptable -- The hard and fast “one-page” resume rule doesn’t apply anymore. Electronic resumes run from 3 to 4 pages in length.
A separate section of this website will be devoted to a variety of different resume types and formats. This will give you a full creative license to select what suits you best. Get the basics down first, though, it is every bit as important as the final product that you’ll create with the help of this website.

The more creative you will be in writing about yourself, your credentials, your experience and everything else of importance to a prospective employer, the better it will be.

This next section will deal with the *why and where for* in writing specific information in a variety of different ways. There will be something interesting here for everyone.


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