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Your Resume: A Work Of Art - 2

Another one of our resume presentation tips is that your resume should contain no filler. You must only highlight your best and this will be expertly brought across by the use of strong, clear wording and phrases which are descriptive and colourful. Your resume writing must persuade and cause your employer to want to know more. Try to hint at attributes, without giving out too much information. You do want your employer to feel compelled to bring you in for the interview. Your resume should therefore grab the eye through the use of design, formatting and proper balance.

Your resume must have an impact. The prospective employer must therefore immediately grasp your meaning and should not feel the need to read through entirely.

Your resume must contain powerful words and statements that will convey a message of impressive credentials and experience. Show you’ll get the job done better than anyone else.

Write about your qualifications through some clear statements about what you have accomplished. Do not bore them with long-running lists of your potential, talents, or previous job responsibilities.

Show them the exact results of your targeted accomplishments. And make good use of adjectives to show the extent of your skills and experiences. This will help to show you are results-oriented.

Write to be concise and try to keep to the point. Write sentences as short and direct as possible. Eliminate any repetitions. Do not use several examples when one example can have the same impact. Avoid trying to impress by using big words. Be as direct as possible and always avoid complex sentences.

Use variety by offering short and punchy sentences along with sentences which are longer. Do not repeat a power verb within the same paragraph. And punctuate throughout for easy reading.


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