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Resume Cover Letter Importance - 2

Secondary paragraph(s)- Provide some descriptive information to provide the reader with good reasons to invite you to an interview. You can use a variety of the following:

   1. Education
   2. Work experience
   3. Ability to work with others and/or alone
   4. Interest in your field
   5. Interest in the company
   6. Responsibilities in previous positions

Closing paragraph - This should be written so your prospective employer will take action!

Take the initiative and suggest a good time for you to actually come in for an interview. Be sure to include all of your contact information, including your email address and fax numbers.

Close with:


Enclosure (this will be your resume)
To review, you must always begin your cover letter by placing your full name, address, telephone number and email address, if you have one, in the top left hand corner of your letter. You must follow this with the same information addressing your letter to your prospective employer.

When addressing your prospect, always use full name, address, etc., and do not use abbreviations.

Address your letter directly to the person in charge of hiring.

Sign your letter by hand.


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