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Resume Experience Section

You can use a number of headings for this section: "Professional Experience," or "Professional History," both work well. Shy away from using: "Work History," or just “Employment.” These words are not as effective and they don’t look as professional.

To get your reader focused, list all jobs held in reverse chronological order. Concentrate on giving good details about your most current positions and offer only limited information about the jobs held earlier on. In many cases, you can write a simple statement to sum up the several jobs you held earlier on.

Decide what you want to highlight more, your job titles or the names of the companies you worked for. The one you wish to highlight should be listed first and then the next should follow.


Dow Chemical Petroleum, Ltd. - Product Engineer


Product Engineer - Dow Chemical Petroleum, Ltd.

For this section try to include all service work and internships as well as any key volunteer experience.  This section isn’t only for paid experience.


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