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Your Resume: A Work Of Art - 3

Last one of our resume presentation tips: try to create a work of art! Use your best supplies for your resume. Use a laser printer or an ink jet printer to produce best results. Use a good-sized typeface (font) in 11 or 12 point. You can use off-white, ivory or bright white 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper, in high quality. Submit your resume without smudges, staples and always leave a generous border.

A shorter resume is often better, however, if what you need to write takes up 3 pages, then offer 3 pages. There’s no hard and fast rule for resume length.

Just make certain you do not bore your potential employer with the details. Try to always leave them wanting to know more. Remember, you are only marketing yourself and not your entire life history.

Add some good variety. Break it down into sections. Your resume should contain no more than six lines of writing in any one writing section or paragraph (summary, skill section, accomplishment statement, job description, etc.) If you require some more, start a new section or a new paragraph.

Submit an accurate telephone number with the area code. Make sure the phone number on the resume will be answered in-person or by an answering machine, Monday through Friday, from 8-5pm. You’ll obviously want to be available when invited in for that important interview.

If you do not have an answering machine, buy one. Include your e-mail and fax numbers as an alternate means of reaching you.

Leave out any kind of information that can be seen as being controversial, such as political affiliations.

Start each section with your most important information always on the first line. This will be read the most.

Use bold caps in order to highlight. Your name, section headings, skill headings, titles or companies, degrees, and school name can all be written in bold. Your name must be on top of each page of your resume.

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