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Which  Elements Of A Resume Will Impress?

The primary element of an ideal resume contains powerful and assertive statements about your talents, your characteristics and your accomplishments. Don’t be shy. You are going for the gold so try to put yourself forward with all that is in you!

The secondary element of an ideal resume shows “you know your stuff” and you know it well! This will be proven through education, experience, work history and any other relevant affiliations that shows the prospective employer that you are a person of substance and not only of design.

Bear in mind that the more standard resume will simply be a chronological account of a very boring life and most people won’t give it a second glance. Write your resume so it will be interesting, even impressive and watch as your phone ring for that important interview!

You must write a resume that does much more than just inform; you should write a resume that compels your reader to action! Your resume can then even become a good bargaining tool! Your prospective employer will be interested and will stand up and take notice! And this is exactly what you want.

Be bold about your assertive statements, but, don’t be too bold. Try to leave them wanting for more. You can also “tease” a bit with nuggets of information and let them be interested to know more.

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