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Your Resume: A Work Of Art

Now that we’ve covered the most basic elements of an impressive resume, let us take a look at some finer points with a few resume presentation tips.

Your resume must be written to look appealing to the eye. This will be best accomplished by bearing in mind:

• The structure looks clean and flows well.
• It is very easy to read/not at all complicated.
• It is easily understood with simple wording and phrases.
• It contains good overall balance.
• It is not crowded/contains plenty of white space.
• The sections are concise and shorter when possible.

All formatting must be offered consistently. Don’t be too heavy with the bolding, italics and underlining. This should only be used for the best effect and not in uniformity.

Your resume should be your front line in communication. Before you meet your prospective employer, he will “meet” you via your resume.

Your resume must be error free. This means free or typos, improper spelling, poor grammar, lack of punctuation and no errors with your facts.

Key Information Which Must be Included in your Resume:

• Name
• Address
• Phone
• Email
• Positions held list
• Reverse chronological order
• Education credentials
• Degrees attained
• Targeted information as necessary

Positions Held List Must Include:

• Position title
• Name of company
• City and state of company
• Years there
• Earlier held positions can be summarized
• Part time work can be excluded
Your resume should be targeted to show your suitability for the desired position. This position must be a goal you wish to achieve. You must be able to show how and why you are the best candidate for this position. Your resume should try to show you are uniquely qualified and should be chosen.

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